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tv   Studio B With Shepard Smith  FOX News  July 22, 2011 3:00pm-4:00pm EDT

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osama bin laden the heat in desex factors in humidity with triple digits and it feels like 121 degrees. osama bin laden in new york city it feels like 109 and several areas will break records today. >> we are using lots of sunscreen. we don't know what else to do. >> it is the hottest i can remember. >> cannot describe it. very hot. the humidity is killing you. try to stay hydrated and teach an eye on each other. hope no one is hurt. >> a it is also extremely dangerous for working outdoors. anyone with a heart condition and other health problems. >> we have seen already the past two days 25 percent increase of the calls in, and 400 are e.m.s.-related calls tran lating into 300 people transported to the hospital eve day.
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>> and there is little relief at night. our cheat meteorologist is live at the fox extreme weather center. rick, we understand what new york city broke a record? >>guest: yes, for the day the record in new york city is 101 and not last hour it got to 104 so breaking that record and newark, new jersey, hit 106, the highest temperature, ever, for any day, ever, in newark. that shows how big this area of heat is. you can still see heat advisories extending from kansas and toward the mid-atlantic and the eastern seaboard. the heat index from kansas is 106 in wichita and 109 in st. louis and creeping across the northern planes and 92 in minute appear police but the bull's eye is the eastern seaboard and now up to 121 is what it feels like in washington, dc, incredible, and i am sure that is record. and dover, 119, and 116 in
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newark. a day to stay indoors. at night the temperatures only dropping into the mid 80's. so the house does not cool down and not catching any break from the heat. >> i look forward to the next ice age. when will it end? rick: we are mid-july so the hottest, anyway, so well not see a huge relief but a relief across the north. tomorrow, 94 in chicago and hot across the eastern seaboard at 10- to 15-degrees below today's heat index but the dark colors it heats back up and folks across the south, especially kansas and oklahoma have been dealing with the heat for two months. they will not get any break. >> thank you, rick. rick: you bet. >> and now, twin terror attacks in norway killing 15 people and police now saying the investigators believe they are
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linked. first a bomb ripped open buildings in oslo including the prime minister's office and a man dressed as a police officer opened fire at a youth camp on an island outside the city. this was the scene in oslo after the bombing. police have not said who might be responsible. and look at this: video of the youth camp reportedly owned by the labor political party, a party spokesman says that gunmen hit several people. and now greg has the news. what do we know of the developing story? >>greg: well, we are lending new development to the story every minute and it is getting ugly. first the bombing in the step of what is normally a peaceful european capital, oslo, norway. the bomb set off in front the main government building, a 20-story office building with the program's office and other
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ministries including the oil and finance minute dry and the windows were blasted out, and the building itself was torn and wreckage was seen, and a wreckage of a car in front of that building was found and no word, yet, whether it was a car bomb but it was a bomb, dead and injured all around. and, then, about 25 miles away off the coast of norway on the island, the gunman took off into a youth camp about 500 kids there, age 14 to 18 and we are just beginning to find out what happened there and it sounds very ugly. the casualty figures we have been hearing high was maybe 20, maybe 25 dead. absolutely not confirmed yet but we do know that the man responsible there was shot by police and arrested and the police just a few minutes ago are confirming that the shooting there, the individual on the cam
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imagine, helpinged to the destruction to the apparent terrorism we saw right not heart of the city. >> the man in custody, although wounded, will be a key source of information. do we have anymore information on who might be behind these twin attacks? greg there is not, yet, any claim of responsible, greg, but, you have to think of terrorism. norway has been an active member of the coalition in afghanistan and they are an active member of nato, i should say, and they have been active in the current conflict in libya. an interesting subnote on the possible al qaeda link, they have, since 2005, offered asylum to a former leader of an al qaeda group based in northern iraq and they are now trying to deport him and have been trying to deport him and he just in the past few weeks has been
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threatening damage, threatening violence against the government there. the word from the prime minister, by the way, is that "we will not cave in," but a final note, not to draw this further than we can say, but what was done, what was achieved, is death of adults, maybe adults involved in the government, in that city. detects of, perhaps, the children of the officials of the government on the island. we are still learning more. >> thank you, greg, thank you very much. investigators in southern california waiting for test results in the mysterious deaths of a farm suit executive six-year-old son and 32-year-old girlfriend, a fall down the stairs critically injuring the millionaire's son, max. he later died. and days after max fell, jonah sack -- the executive's brother
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found the girl dead. family members are demanding answers. and now the news like from los angeles, are we hearing any new information about the deaths? >>reporter: the authorities are no longer making public comments. they have spoken to a few media outlets. they had a press conference this week but they will not have anymore press conferences until the toxicology and forensic results return. the results normally take six weeks to get back and they had expedited them because of the nature of the case, and they have the autopsy results of the 32-year-old girlfriend found hanging last wednesday two days after the young boy, max, six-year-old max shacknai, the son of jonah shacknai, died from
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the injuries. the potential crime of the woman found hanging is bizarre, violent, and it is something they say is odd. however, they are not willing to rule out suicide. here is why. >> what is important as an investigator is always to stand back, take your time with the investigation. you only have one time to get it right and make sure that you do. do not let the rumors change your investigation. do the investigation the way you would on any case. >> authorities have 15 of the best investigators on the case. and it will take their time. they will not rush anything. they want to get it right. >> what do we hear from the family? >>reporter: well, we did hear from the girl's family this week. we heard from them on camera and her sister said yesterday insisting their sister was not suicidal but we have heard other reports, some saying the woman was sobbing the day after the young boy fell down the stairs, obviously, someone who saw this
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accident as it is being determined would be distraught, if you think of a six-year old boy falling down the stairs and jonah shacknai has returned to arizona and he and ex-wife have hired a p.r. firm so we have not heard, yet, from him, other than a state after the young boy died. after this point, officials say everybody is cooperating and they are taking their time to make sure they get it right. >> thank you, adam. republicans and democrats cannot seem to agree on how or even whether to raise the debt ceiling, but business leaders are coming down pretty solidly on one side. coming up next, why they are saying, get it done. plus, george and cindy anthony skipping town. are they going to have a visit with their daughter, casey? every day, all around the world,
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>>gregg: parents of casey anthony reported to board a private jet in orlando. the airline officials confirmed that cindy and george anthony boarded a charter flight at 11 a.m. a florida news outlet yesterday reported that the anthonys renewed passport and planned to take a vacation and the family attorney says they have not spoke when their daughter since she became a free woman. as lawmakers grapple with a plan to raise the debt ceiling many business leaders adding to the pressure that the debt ceiling, the maximum amount of debt a government can take on and the purpose of the cerealing is to limit out-of-control spending. the united states chamber of commerce organizing its members to call members of congress to let them know the government
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should not default on its loans. it is not an option. and representatives from standard & poor's saying they need to have a deal in place in order to prevent the organization from lowering america's debt rating. now, remember the debt ceiling deadline is 11 days away and it seems the business is getting concerned. and now associate editor of a newspaper owned by the parent company of this. why are they worried? >>guest: they are businessed and everyone wants long term fiscal reform and they worry about, too, the economy having yet another headwind if you have chaos end to certain government programs, that is not going to be good for the economy. this is outside fear, too, the federal markets could be thrown into disarray and potentially interest rates going higher
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because people sell off treasury bonds. this is not sure. but i do think that is the fear and just the fear of general uncertainty. >> treasury secretary geithner recently wrote the following "failure to raise the limit precipitate as default by the united states," republicans say that is utter nonsense. there is more than enough monthly revenue to cover the debt. >>guest: yes. there is. you obviously have to prioritize all of your expenditures and if you want to use that monthly revenue to cover the interest payments and maturing debt, you have to do a lot less everywhere else. >>gregg: geithner warns of catastrophic consequences if the debt ceiling was not raised by march 13. came and went. and then march 1, saying no, the date is april 15th and then, no, the date is may 16. on may 2nd, no, he says the real date is august 2nd. can one argue that geithner is
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crying wolf? >>guest: well, the reason you were able to extend it this way is by essentially the government moving pools of money around in various accounts. you are taking money set aside for certain government pensions and putting it here. there is no single date when we absolutely know the ability to spend on interest rates goes to zero. really, what it is, the matter of routinely rolling over existing debt and reagainsting -- refinancing it. >> a legendary investor gave a rare interview to the "wall street journal" and he said "it's not going to be catastrophic." the bigger danger, he says, then a technical befault is raising the debt ceiling without any conditions to control spending. and you know what? same thing happened in 1995, he said the same thing in 1995 and the date came and went and nothing happened. >>guest: that is right. but he was talking about a
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managed technical default saying the payments will be delayed a couple of weeks so we can work it out. we are trying to work it out on advance. no one on either side is saying, raise the debt limit and not address the longer term spending. >>gregg: so they missed it by many months and november was the limit, and they didn't pass a new debt ceiling until march 29 of the following year. >>guest: that is true. you had the government shut down. and the other big difference, though, is the percentage of debt that is now will woulding over of all of our total debt and it is that much bigger so you would not have quite that much slack. >>gregg: if the sky is falling i will look upwards. thank you, mike. more on debt ceiling debate coming up no matter what the business world is saying. politicians have the final say, and we will get into that part of the story with chris wallace. plus, the brutal heat wave is pushing our power supply almost to the breaking point and that
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could mean extra money in your pocket if you play your cards right.
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>>gregg: the deadly heat wave spreading across the eastern part of the country putting a huge burden on our electric dead. one major utility reporting record power use. connecticut is asking customers to cuts down on consumption and to consider running power hungry appliances at night only. some companies are offering cash incentives for those who conserve. and now, from fox business in new york city central park. adam, i have to hear this. how can you make money from the utility during the heat wave?
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>> there are two ways to do this and legitimately on a day when it is 103. commercial and industrial users are paid from 50 cents to $1.50 by the con-ed program to drop their electric usage if they drop a minimum of 100 kilowatts and do it seven times a month when they are asked during peak hours. so utilities pay commercial customers to drop electric use. you can call utility like con-ed and get a free adjustable thermostat. you will get savings because of the efficiency of using adjustable thermostat and they will, in new york, give you $25 if you get the adjustable thermostat so those are way dozen put money in your money and save. but con-ed can set it higher but
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you get to keep the money and when they are not looking you can set it lower, but the computer will push it back up. >>gregg: does it work? >>reporter: well, but not so well. yesterday, we used roughly 112,700 megawatts of power. without the program we would have set a new record, but they were able to buy back, essentially, megawatts from the commercial customers but today we broke all the record at 3:00 p.m., new yorkers and the people in the area, have demanded 13,182 megawatts of power a record. as the 500 megawatts they save yesterday you can see it worked but it is straining the system. without the savings the system would pop. >>gregg: adam, find some shade. thank you. passengers traveling from new york city to boston getting stuck on a hot bus for five agonizing hours, no air
3:25 pm
conditioning, the windows sealed up. and we're told it happened yesterday aboard a bolt bus and passengers said no one warned them that the air conditioning wasn't working. >> it was like 90 degrees. maybe hotter. it was like sitting outside under the sun. but i was on a bus. >> everyone was like passing out from the heat, from heat exhaustion. >>gregg: and the passengers say the driver never mentioned the problem and only stepped the bus once, to do some kind of a mechanical check, and the folks say they are not looking into the issue and plan to give refunds to everybody. we are getting word that the obama administration could be close to ending the military's "don't ask, don't tell" and the new secretary of against and the chairman of the joint chiefs meeting with the president this afternoon, and an update is ahead. underneath my blanket
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>>gregg: this is "studio b" at the bottom of the hour and time for the top of the news. the justice department now preparing subpoenas in a preliminary investigation into news corporation. that's according to the "wall street journal" reporting that the subpoenas would give the department of justice broad authority to investigate alleged foreign bribery. and the alleged phone hacking of a voice mail of september 11th
3:30 pm
victims. there are now investigators on two continents. it stems from allegations that news corps hacked into people's sell phones and news corporation is the parent company of the fox news channel and the "wall street journal" and now, the news, like, from washington, dc. >>reporter: federal law enforcement did not deny reporting of the "wall street journal" but said the subpoenas are normal and anthony specializing in government investigations says that getting information from a news organization in any case, has special requirements for the department of justice. >> the department of justice has regulations that bind itself to certain procedures before issuing a subpoena. the attorney general has to approve personally and explicitly all subpoenas issued to news media organizations. >>reporter: as cook mentioned, the attorney general must sign
3:31 pm
off on each. in response, news corporation said we have not seen evidence to suggesting hacking of september 11th phones or has anyone cooperated. this arose when an unidentify person speculated that the british newspaper of whether it happened, and that paper printed the speculation, and that has since mushroomed with no substantiation and there is no public timetable in the preliminary inquiry but cook says by most standards it is moving quickly because he believes the allegations involving 9/11 family members are very serious. >>gregg: thank you. in britain, a lawmaker is calling on scotland yard whether james murdoch misled a parliament committee, the deputy chief operating officer of news corporation and the son of
3:32 pm
rupert murdoch. jonathan? >>jonathan: this centers on what james murdoch knew and when he knew it. news corporation executives have consistently said they only found out in late 2010 that phone hacking may have been widespread at the newspaper. and they say that prior to that they believed it was limited to just one reporter. now, during his appearance in front of a parliamentary committee, james murdoch reiterated that and he said when he authorized an out of court settlement with one of the hacking victims, he was not aware of an e-mail written by a former staffer of news of the world that indicated hacking was common at the paper and that e-mail has become a key piece of evidence. >> when you signed off the payment did you see or were you made aware of the transcript of the hacked voice mail message?
3:33 pm
>> no, i was not aware at time. than than now a former editor of news of the world and counsel have challenged his version, saying "just by way of classification relating to tuesday's select committee hearing we would like to point out that james murdoch's recollection of what he was told when agreeing to settle the litigation was mistaken and we informed him of the e-mail which was produced to us by gordon taylor's lawyer," prompting this from british prime minister. >> clearly james murdoch has questions to answer in parliament and i am sure he will do that. and, clearly, news international has some big issues to deal with and a mess to clear up. than than james sure would respond saying allegations have been made as to the voracity of
3:34 pm
my testimony to your committee on tuesday, and as you know i was questioned thoroughly and i answered truthfully. i stand by my testimony. i am preparing a written response to the questions that i undertook to follow up when i abothers before you july 19. and the politician and parliamentary investigations are continuing. >>gregg: jonathan, thank you. jonathan will be chatting about the headlines throughout the hour on and clip on "on the hunt," link. a brooklyn jury convicting the father of an admitted terrorist of trying to cover his son's plan to bomb new york subways and authorities arrested the man in 2009 after prosecutors accused his son and two other would be suicide bombers trained by al qaeda. the dad denied ever knowing anything about his child's crimes but this is a picture of his son would pled guilty in the
3:35 pm
case. he reportedly called off the planned attack when he learned the f.b.i. was watching him. two other pens of the family testified for the government as part of a plea deal. >> we are expecting word any moment from the pentagon on the future of "don't ask, don't tell" the policy of gays serving openly in the military. secretary of defense leon panetta met a short time ago with rebound and the chairman of the joint chiefs, and secretary panetta is expected to announce the end of "don't ask, don't tell" after top military officials told him doing so will not affect military readiness. some members of congresses though, strongly oppose the idea saying it could cause a backlash, and hurt troop moral. and if the secretary repeals this it could go interest affect in september. house speaker john boehner says it is going to be hot in washington this weekend and he is not talking about the weather. he is talking about republicans and democrats trying to make a
3:36 pm
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>>gregg: a surprising development in the case of a san francisco giants fan nearly beaten to death in march. they arrested a 31 who they said was the primary suspect at the time, the tattoos on his neck match those a witness described. this is the victim, 42-year-old, now a law enforcement official reportedly says police have arrested two new suspects in the case. and the other guy? well, he could be released. and now, trace live from the west coast. trace, does it sound as though cops got the wrong guy? >>trace: it and and this is an
3:40 pm
embarrassment because the police chief came out and he was very emphatic this was the suspect and it was because of good police work they got him but the evidence from the start was weak and it was so weak the d.a. would not file charges. they held the suspect and are still holding him on a probation violation. his family is holding a news conference in about egypt -- 20 minutes and they want him releases. the two new suspects, police are releasing little information but to say the channels could be filed against them some time today or possibly on monday. >>gregg: what is the family of the victim saying? >>trace: his family is concerned about the health of their loved one but they do not blame the police department calling it an honest mistake. listen to the family member. >> we are just waiting, waiting like everybody else, we know that they have a big job to do and they have a lot of work
3:41 pm
ahead of them, and we are just putting our faith in the los angeles police department. >>trace: as for bryan he is struggling. a couple of days ago he had a seizure and had to undergo emergency surgery but we are told that he is responding much better today. remember, he has been hospitalized, now, for the better part of four months because of the beating. >>gregg: trace, thank you. thousands of government workers could be off the job beginning at midnight tonight if congress does not pass emergency funding for the federal aviationation. the shutdown would not affect air traffic controller but the government could lose millions of dollars of tax revenue from airline ticket sales and some airport construction projects would also screech to a halt and the house of representatives approve add republican sponsored bill that cuts some subsidies to rural airplanes that democrats oppose and fox news will keep you updated.
3:42 pm
as we have reported, there is no agreement yet on a deal to raise the nation's debt ceiling. president obama and house speaker boehner are working hard to make it happen but even if they do reach an agreement, the potential compromise in the plan could anger enough republicans or democrats to prevent lawmakers from passing it. and now, we have chris wallace live from washington, dc to take all boat it. >>chris: good to be with you. >>gregg: there are multiple reports that the president and speaker boehner are trying to craft a deal that would include the following on the screen: raise the debt limit through 2013, deep cuts to domestic agencies, and end certain tax breaks and loopholes. lower personal and corporate tax rates. and raise medicare eligible age. alter the inflation rate for social security. and resulting savings of $3.
3:43 pm
is it quid pro quo here if republicans would be lured enough with lowering the corporate and personal tax rates to say, okay, we will relent on the tax breaks in ending those because it would be sort of a soviet affect. what do you think? >>chris: well it would be hard for republicans to turn down and even a conservative platform like the editorial page of the "wall street journal" said this week that if you could lower tax rates and the basic idea is this, there is $1 trillion each year that the government spends in tax expenditures and that is the various tax breaks, where they give money, you know, for instance, when you get a home mortgage and that is a tax expenditure, a home mortgage deduction or charitable deduction or a tax break for ethanol or corporate jets, things like that, and the idea is, if you did away with a lot
3:44 pm
of the tax breaks and the deductions, or at least limited them, then you could lower the rates, lower the tax rate from 35 percent to 28 percent, maybe even 24 percent. that would be hard for a conservative to turn down, the idea you will protect these tax deductions and tax breaks ... when the president is offering to lower tax rates. so, that would be absolutely the way he would try to get them to do it. is it revenue neutral? or is the president, he would like to take $1 trillion of that money over the next decade to use it for dealing with the debt. >>gregg: the president wrote in the usa today in an op-ed and i quote, "i'm willing to cut spending on domestic spending to the lowest level if half a century, i'm willing to cut defense spending by hundreds of billions and i'm willing to take on the rising costs of medicare
3:45 pm
and medicaid." when you compare that to his budget which failed 97-0, back in february, and his deficit reduction speech at george washington university, does it seem as though the president has, in fact, move moved to the other side? >>chris: a lot rhetorically and i will tell you there are some democrats who feel he has moved too far. when they heard of this possibility of a deal they howled. first they howled that the president is contemplating big changes, reforms, and, yes, cuts to the benefits if social security, and medicare and medicaid, and they think this would make it harder for them to run for re-election next year demonizing the republicans as wanting to take away all the entitlement benefits. and there is a question of timing. in the previous deal that fell apart when boehner walked away the tax officers were beginning to come right away and some of
3:46 pm
the spending cuts would not come for a while and republicans say that is always how it is but if this deal the spending cuts come first and the tax reform next. democrats are worried we will get the spenting cuts but are we sure the republicans will make good on the revenue increases, so there is a lot of, to use ron's old phrase, "trust but verify," and everybody seems unhappy so it must be a good deal. >>gregg: that is the litmus test in washington. thank you, chris wallace. chris has a big guest this weekend and you can catch more on fox news sunday, treasury secretary geithner will be his guest this week. so be sure to check color local lifting for show times. a deal to get nfl players back on the board. the owners are on board but what about the players? stay tuned.
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>>gregg: a crash involving a tour bus killing one and injuring dozens in western new york. police say a bus with 52 passengers pulled off the road to check a malfunctioning light and suddenly it got back on the highway and a tractor trailer rear ended it triggering a fire. the fire chief did not have time to make sure the passengers were okay. >> i did not get a good chance to check. i was worried about getting the fire under control and we had to get responders beyond the fire to get to the patients. a quick thinking soldier saw the crash, pulled over, and helped get passengers off the bus. >>gregg: nfl players reviewing
3:51 pm
the latest deal from team owners to end the four-month-old lock out and nfl commissioner announcing the agreement last night after another day of tense negotiation. >> hopefully we can all work quickly, expeditiously and get this agreement done. it is time to get back to football. that is what everybody here wants to do. >> 31 teams agreed and only the oakland raiders abstained and reports indicate the players are seeing two big sticking points, one including an opt out clause and they want to rectify as a union rather than electronically as the owners suggested. joining us is a senior writer for "sports illustrated." so, the question is, do you think in the end the players will give okay to this? >>guest: in the end, we have two yards to go.
3:52 pm
still, there are sticking points after all the rhetoric you did not expect the players the next morning after this was ratified to say okay let's go. typical in keeping with the rhythm well have a couple more days but we will get football. >>gregg: the players were getting more than 50 percent of the previous contract of total revenue. now they are going to take less, 48 percent. why is that still a good deal for the players? >>guest: like any negotiation there was horse trading and it will not take as long to be tree agents and they will have a salary cap and also a floor so the teams have to pay 90 percent of the salary cap, and they will have lifetime health benefits. enough tradeoffs to make this worthwhile. remember, too, there are open ended clauses if the nfl keeps growing, i have heard right now, $9 billion enterprise, and people with a ten year deal, if you are getting 48 percent of $15 billion organization, you are going okay.
3:53 pm
>>gregg: look, some notable players are expressing reservations about it. what about the average player? >>guest: there have been tweets last night that were combative, remember, there are 2,000 players in the union. and i talked to someone on baltimore ravens who said look we just want to get to football we figured how to divide the pie and the rest is details. there were aggressive tweets but the majority of players are going to vote for it. >>gregg: it is still july. is there really an urgency here? >>guest: well, that is a good question because september 10th is when the games begin, and it is not like spring training. the football players do not like the summer games. imagine playing a game on a day like today f they miss one week of pre-season, it is a lost money but the majority of the players roll their eyes and it is september 10th deadline, you do not want to miss the regular sew, they canceled the exhibition game, and if you miss a week of pre-season, i don't
3:54 pm
think too many are crying. >> over all there will be football this coming season? >>guest: basketball is another story but there will, after all of this, you got to believe there will be football. >>gregg: the fans are still supportive. remember the baseball strike and they lost huge amounts of the fan base and a lot of revenue, and here they are not actual going to miss any games, right? >>guest: it is really week one, and that is a huge deal. you have $9 billion enterprise you will get put support and it is crucial to get it solved and i think fans will come back like this never happened. >>gregg: thank you, john, from "sports illustrated." the nobel prize winning author hemingway once say and i quote, "you should not judge. you should understand." so we will try to help you understand why a bunch of
3:55 pm
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ask more of your fiber.
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>>gregg: more than 120 white beered men gathering at a bar, one of the most famous of all time, the papa hemingway look alike contest. and it lasts for six days, by the way, the festival in on of the american author. the real hemingway wrote the most famous works while living in the florida keys and committed suicide back in 1961. >> and then there is this before we wrap it up. a fort lift operator may want to rethink his year choice. a machine dropped a container full of shiraz smashing all but one case of the wine and the wine maker described it it was a seen like murder, red
3:59 pm
everywhere, so you may think, well, what is the big deal? the wine maker says the big deal is that particular container was worth more than $1 million. the high end wine where a single bolts went for $200 before the accident so you are are a wine lover, pop open a du pape. and don't forget to log on to "shep," at and now "your world," but, first the dow jones indusial average down 44 points. "your world," is next. >>neil: et


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